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Fast Charging Issue !!

Rising Star II
Ever since the update my phone takes around 6 or 7 hours to fully charge. Thought it was the cable and bought a new ausmo fast charging cable still the issue remains. Now my option is to charge from the power bank which supports fast charging.

Rising Star II
I don't use phone while in charge

Hall of Fame III

It's battery temp (status bar app) but 45 is max I saw in charge it's often around 40 I think it's normal

And between 31 and 37 while not in charge

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I'd say it's not too hot. If it reaches 50, then the charging will slow down.

Rising Star II
Ok 45 is the max I saw its often around 40 to 45 in charge
And when I touch the phone it's not hot
My precedent phone (Nokia 6.1plus) which had battery temps around 50 (even when not in charge!!!) was very hot when touching it
(Mobile data is not working anymore on it now! Just wi-fi, I think hot temps have destroyed it)
So I am serene with my zenfone6?


Which update slowed down fast charging?

Can you test with an alternate cable?

If the problem remains with the alternate cable, we can log the phone to see what's going on.

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Utiliza un cargador que tenga carga rápida quito charge 3.0 con 18w mínimo y 2 amorreos y verás como te funciona, a mí me tarda en cargar 1 hora y 35 minutos



I have since today the same pb....

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Utiliza un cargador de carga rápida quitk charge 3.0 18w mínimo y 2 ampereos mínimo y el cable que tenga soporte carga rápida y 2 ampereos tambien