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Do You Want The Flip Camera To Return On The Zenfone 7?

Rising Star II
Would u all like to see the flip camera return or go back to the regular front facing camera for the next Zenfone? I'm sure the next Zenfone will be announced in a few months I'm still happy with my 6 but not sure about the camera. According to rumors they got rid of the flip camera. I did love the flip camera for panorama shots and motion tracking I thought those were great ideas.

Do u want the flip camera to return for the Zenfone 7?

Rising Star I
Yes, we need flip if asus cannot get 60fps fullhd/4k video to the front other ways.

Star III
Yes please!!
They can try a triangular structure, by keeping third one under the 2 rotating camera in the zenfone6 model.
I love the cam setup and it applications. Please keep it!!!

Star II
Yes, flip camera and I'm on. No flip and I will save some money..

Rising Star I
I'm up for flip, provided they do something about the earpiece by not keeping it inside the camera module.

Star I
Clicking selfies with the primary camera is the real flex. Retain it please