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Do You Want The Flip Camera To Return On The Zenfone 7?

Rising Star II
Would u all like to see the flip camera return or go back to the regular front facing camera for the next Zenfone? I'm sure the next Zenfone will be announced in a few months I'm still happy with my 6 but not sure about the camera. According to rumors they got rid of the flip camera. I did love the flip camera for panorama shots and motion tracking I thought those were great ideas.

Do u want the flip camera to return for the Zenfone 7?

Star III
Yes.I love flip camera

Rising Star II
I prefer fixed cameras that offer better features such as keeping the screen on while looking at the device. Also because there will be more space for the speaker and the proximity sensor. An improved version of the 5z.

Rising Star II
Yes with three cameras 🙂

Rising Star II
I don't care, as long as its laggy on low light and transition between lens isnt seamless, still not better than front camera in other phone.