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Can we relock the bootloader

Star III
I was a user of OnePlus and I believed unlocking and relocking the boot loader is easy but in my Zenfone it's to a next level I don't understand one thing I came to Asus has shipped its phones to developers to test their phones and build custom roms and kernel etc but why Asus is not allowing to relock the bootloader. I am really confused in the way the rules are I believe the freedom of Android stays with the way you can optimise and tweak your phone but I am suprised to see I can't relock it again if I need to go back to stock to get rid of annoying message.
If anyone knows how to relock it or I request the asus moderators to let me know why they are not allowing even Google themselves allow to relock the devices back why cant we I feel we should have that freedom that can change the opinion of people on Asus.

Star I

First download the fastboot tool, the phone is turned off, press and hold the volume and power button until the fastboot mode text appears. Then plug in the usb cable to connect to the computer, the computer command: fastboot oem asus-back, if the phone does not reboot, then fastboot reboot Let the phone reboot to clear the data, then the phone is re-locked.

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hey, where can i get this fastboot tool im a little bit braindead hahah need help step by step 😕

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Then you shouldn't have unlocked it in the first place if you don't know what you're doing. Google it, it's multiplatform.

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The support service is shameful, as it is shameful that they provide the application to unlock the bootaloader only to lose the warranty.
I tried in every way to return the bootloader of my ZenFone 8 as it was originally, without success.