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[Bug Report] Auto-rotation stops working randomly

Rising Star I
I'm on the latest EU firmware (189) and am currently suffering from this annoying issue. The OS refuses to recognize that the phone is in landscape orientation even when it physically is. In this state, its locked to the portrait orientation. Neither the auto-rotation quick setting toggle nor the smart-rotate toggle (found in the navigation bar upon rotating the phone when auto-rotate quick setting toggle is turned off) work. In the case of the latter, it doesn't even pop up.
I don't quite know what triggered this, but I recall I was making several (Whatsapp) calls before I noticed the issue. Perhaps the proximity sensor comes into play as well? In any event, I can offer diagnostics as long as my phone is stuck in this state. Please let me know how I can help.

Rising Star I
.189EU i have the same bug ... only restart phone work correctly. i write on other topic .. bug is sporadic

Rising Star I


Go to the calculator app, tap .12345+= > Single test > G sensor

Tilt your phone according to what is on screen

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Tried that, didn't resolve the problem. It stuck around for the rest of the day but has been gone since this morning.

Rising Star I
Happening with me too since one day. Tried restarting, didn't fix the problem. There is an app on play store called sensor Box for Android. Tested with that and it shows no hardware detected for Orientation, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetic. My previous phone although cheap shows hardware for all those things.
I think since the gyro sensor is not working, the stock camera app is also malfunctioning in flipping the camera. The camera flips to 180 to front but since gyro is not working it thinks it is in same position as before and gives Camera cannot flip even after it flips.
@madeesh.kannan Can you also check your camera app and tell if you are getting any similar behaviour when flipping to front.

Rising Star II
Its been fixed for me now. On ww 191.