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Wired headphones no audio

After the last update (received last night), my wired headphones do not work. The ZenFone 6 does not send any audio to the headphone jack.

How to use Deezer Hifi fluently?

Hello!I have just downloaded my phone an application called Deezer Hifi to my asus zenfone, but I don't know how to use it properly and fluently.Do you guys know how to use it, can you help me, hope to get help from everyone!

RAW Image clarification

whever a picture is taken in this mode RAW image .dng will be of ~70mb but gets faded to overexposedanother format is normal jpg

Bhasky by Rising Star II
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Wipe Cache Partition Absent

So this option is not found in recovery modeWhere else or how exactly I can do this ?

Bhasky by Rising Star II
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Downgrade firmware from 165 to 153

As the title said, can I downgrade zenfone 6 firmware from 165 to 153? Do I have to do something before or I just can download the 153 firmware from asus web and place it internal memory to do the downgrade? I want to downgrade because on 165 battery...

Whatever by Rising Star I
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Cam region Pick ups heat | Build 165

Camera module and surrounding area heats up within few minutes of using camera app* If used for longer duration, that's fine but it heats up real quickPlease check it

Bhasky by Rising Star II
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Game genie always on??

Why is game genie on even when there is no game in the background

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Phone lags very frequently.

I don't why, after latest update phone is lagging very frequently for 1-2 sec. Service centers are not open due to corona. What to do?

Vertical lines on display

All of a sudden, i see vertical lines on my display, once I switch off the display and turn on, the verification lines reappear after few seconds

img-20200716-wa0002.jpg screenshot-20200716-080503580.jpg