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Phone hangs on its own and tries to switch on multiple times

Hi, The phone is frequently hanging on its own after the update. A white blank screen appears all of the sudden and switches off, tries to on multiple times like 6-7 times event after I see the home page, it again switches off. It happened me thrice ...

Camera hangs

Camera gets blank or hang for sometime while opening if you have selected micro sd storage for your camera..From india

Panorama not working well after latest update?!

With the screen in landscape mode, the auto panorama only works  the 1st time (after reboot).After that 1st time the auto panorama stops (que camera stops flipping) around 90% completed.This only started to happen after I installed the latest update....

Quick charge

Does Asus 6z support Qualcomm quick charge 27 watt?

Screen protector for Zenfone 6

Hi, can you recommend a tempered glass screen protector for Zenfone 6. I already ordered 2 and they don't fit the screen. Thank you. 

Camera throws "Camera cannot flips"

When I opened the camera application, it throws camera cannot flips error everytime. I have cleared camera cache but nothing helps, shows same error. 

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Extended warranty

Do zenfone 6 have extended warranty available for purchase in India? Asus premium care is extended warranty right? How do I purchase it?

Wifi Calling or VoLTE in UK

Are there any plans to enable wifi calling or VoLTE in the UK (specifically on EE)? I have the WW edition and the options are not available. Is this because I don't have the EU SKU? 

Home button lag

I have been noticing a half-a-second lag whenever I press the Home button to come out of apps. Initially I thought it is the fault of the default launcher, but it seems to happen with all 3rd party launchers. Is anybody else experiencing this? Asus T...

Frequent crashes and device auto toggling airplane mode

So the phone goes into a loop of doing the following since past few days -- Keep toggling airplane mode. The button does not toggle but WiFi and sim networks toggle- The phone then keeps restarting for 5 minutes straight.How can I report or debug thi...

daveamol by Star II
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