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No option to delete all message

There is no feature to delete all my conversation in the default messaging application. Please fix it.FYI: I'm from India.

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Animation issue in the Filemanager application

Clearly I can see the animation duration bug in the default filemanager application. If I open any folder in the filemanager application, animation  happens even after the folder is opened. Please fix it ASAP. It is annoying the UI. Please check the ...

vmgllj31cevb.jpg j7irj7x7sl4p.jpg
Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Issues that needs fix

1. Auto rotation sometimes doesn't work2. Front camera opens directly when you get video call becomes an issue if in pocket3. when in call you cannot go to any other screen. screen stays locked on call screen. 4. Auto brightness sometimes doesn't wor...

Change clock position

How can I change the clock position to the right side?The clock position on the left is REALLY bugging me. I've found that there are tools for another phone that allows you to change the position of the clock in Android Pie but those do not work in Z...

agilo3 by Star III
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Camera doesn't work properly on Instagram Direct Chat

On the Direct Chat of Instagram ,  I found 2 problem.(1) preview screen camera and photo taking camera are different.      The difference looks like right eye sight and left eye sight.(2) Receiving direct photo/movie msg cannot play on the screen.  A...

morohit by Star II
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WeChat Pay - cannot use fingerprint for the payment password

Hi. Anyone knows what happen to this? I can't use fingerprint for the payment password. instead I have to type the password now.I was using OnePlus 5 before switching to Zenfone 6. The fingerprint capability is available in my Oneplus 5 WeChat. Any a...

battery overheat warning when charging

i recently manually updated my asus 6z, and now whenever i plug my charger, after sometimes it shows me that battery is overheating and the charging is stopped temporarily. is anyone facing same problem?