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Asus does not care at all

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Inspite of reaching out on social media and here asus team just doesn't want accept the fact that the camera is messed up with no support for Google camera. The stock camera has gone from a flagship level to a mid range level but all asus cares about is organizing fan meets with Geeky Ranjit. I thought you guys gave a bunch of phones to Dev's to get custom rom support which never came out. Earlier atleast we were able to use the gcam now thanks to you guys that also doesn't work. I have paid for a premium device but thanks to you guys who are making it average day by day. Thank you for conning your users.

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It's seems some problems happen, and I expect ASUS to deal with.

Rather to tell all the lovely users that "Ohhhhhhhhhh ASUS CAN'T"

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I've been reading all the posts about the bad photo quality on Android 10 but honestly i didn't had the chance to test it in detail before.

However today, i had a spare time and it only took a couple minutes to see what everyone are talking about.

I already had taken some indoor photos and i noticed the high noise in darker areas but i went outside and i couldn't believe on what i was looking at. Slightly blured photos (like a shaken photo) and no detail at all, it looked like a watercolour painting. On some photos, darker areas were pinkish, something that i complained before in Pro mode on long exposures but never noticed it in any other mode.

However, i don't know if it's related or not but the few Gcam versions that works, aren't much better neither. Still a little better than stock app but really really worse than before. I'm not sure if they aren't already optimized or somehow related with the stock app bad quality. I don't know how Gcam works but what if the main issue isn't the stock APP itself but something behind it that makes Gcam works so bad also?

Sorry Asus, but i can't accept this quality from €500 device. One of the things that made me buy this phone was his night photo quality and now it takes worse photos than my old device?

I know you are looking at the problem already but i become frightened when i read that the differences you found aren't considerable. They are. If you didn't tested yet at night, outside, please do it. Theres were i found the major differences, not indoor.

I don't a have photo took in Android 9 under the same circunstances in this same places but please look at this photo. This isn't acceptable at all.


Today i took some shots at night and i confirm. The result is a disaster now in Android 10
@Anders_ASUS I found more feedback here.
to help you with getting the camera better ASAP, I, for one, is OK with: alpha/beta camera updates via camera apk file you send to us; alpha camera updates via FOTA, push 1 beta version with camera fix, and another newer version without the fix. even though the camera app may break and I must resort to using other camera apps until I take the second update to fix the problem, as long my device don’t get bricked, it’s ok; beta camera FOTA channel, like Q? Anything that speeds up the delay between fix and feedback, it’s ok.
I really hope that the list of pending bug fixes / feature requests is not a write-only memory.

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Something else i noticed this night. It seems Night Mode in "Tripod" mode isn't as bad as "handled" mode. In fact, the difference is huge.
I think before the update, there was a difference but more like on the "lightness" of photo, not so much on details, noise, etc.
Now this is the difference.
You can zoom and compare the details on both photos... First is handled mode, second, tripod mode.

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Lets continue this discussion in this thread (and I will close this one):