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Asus Calling Screen [Annoy Screen]

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This app is has more bugs than features. Bugs:
- Heads-up notification doesn't work(even if I enable it)
- Calling screen won't let me to go back to any other app while the phone is ringing.
- Display turns on automatically while on call even if I press power button to turn it off (option to turn off the proximity sensor doesn't work). To make it worse, the proximity sensor on this phone is not in the center.

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There are a few things at play here I believe;

1. Some users want Power Key to override proximity fully. If press power key for off = display should remain off for the entirety of the time, until next press.

This scenario, I am wondering what use cases there are. Except to "mitigate" any problems experienced by proximity sensor.

2. Proximity sensor does not work as stable as it could.

Here the solution is more difficult, the proximity sensor is not placed in the center, due to flip camera - and other space constraints. The sensor detection is not as high as our "previous" proximity sensors, also due to the physical limitations. The option would have been to skip a proximity sensor completely - as some other vendors have done.

As for issue 2 - we also encounter the bug that even if you turn it off in the Call Screen settings, it will correctly "not turn off the screen" when put against the ear. Meaning you need to press the power key to turn it off manually.

However it will still react and turn the screen on- when you move it away from the ear.

This should be addressed. Proximity off should mean proximity off (both ways).

As for issue 2 in regards to its working stability, as Alaudeen mention, perhaps a slight delay would also help resolve some stability issues as for it to not react so quickly.. but then you have the added side-effect that it wouldnt turn off the screen so quickly either.

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If option 1 is there, I would like to use it.
The ear touching screen and bringing notification down is very bad scenario.
This had put my phone on airplane mode twice while on call.

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Could you specify which bug? Proximity not sensing correctly at times?

Or are you referring to the power-key behavior during a call (in conjunction with the proximity sensor). This is a separate topic in itself - although discussed simultaneously here

We get that is what you want. And we also get that it is partially because the proximity sensor is not always accurate on Zenfone 6. But which of these are more important to address if you had to choose?


Perhaps the better decision would have been to not include a Proximity sensor at all, if there was no room to place it towards the middle (flip camera and all)?

To change the Proximity bug/behavior that if you turn it off in the Asus dialer - it will only "prevent screen off" but will not prevent "screen on". As @_jis_ mentions, this behavior is deeper in the system (to turn things on).

A subsequent change of this, I am assuming, would also change the 3rd party dialers, as the change likely would happen on the bsp level if it can be corrected.

This is still not related to power-key behavior. So here in the thread there are two main items;

  1. Proximity sensor often wont work during a call (or rather, it will think the phone is away from the head) and unintentionally turn on the screen while the phone is still against the ear.
  2. Regardless of 1 ; Power Key should be the override of everything. "Every phone manufacturer" has it this way - except Huawei, Oneplus, Vivo, Oppo. (And maybe some other).

If #1 can be strengthened, for some users, I think item 2 is redundant.

For others, item 2 is still preferred , regardless of item 1.

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In android 9 perfect was: power botton and's call and at same time if phone was locked screen goes off
during a call if phone is away from the head screen turns on, if not screen don't turn on simple 🙂

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In android 9 perfect was: power botton and's call and at same time if phone was locked screen goes off

during a call if phone is away from the head screen turns on, if not screen don't turn on simple 🙂

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Android 9 and Android 10 had no difference in the way power key or proximity sensor worked for the ZenFone 6.

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I’m adding a link to an already closed topic that also addressed this issue:
Let me tell you I don't want to write this all over again and again...
I've posted this multiple times on your previous Zentalk forum and you could see that a lot of people are frustrated and don't like this issue.

The Incoming call interface in Zenfone 5z doesn't allow you to do anything while the call is ringing in full screen and it almost always enters full screen. The notification panel doesn't work the navigation gestures or bars don't work. What is wrong?
Can't you really fix that. I've been asking it for almost a year now!!
Don't you know sometimes we don't want to pick up calls cause we are busy doing something and blocking the number isn't an option (Also cause that has issues of it's own cause ZenUI is amazing. Later on that )
We don't want to wait for 45 seconds to continue working. Why can't we exit the call screen without hanging up??

And the funniest part is I got response that it's a design. Who decided that huh?
A design should be ergonomic not something which fries your brain out.
And the next response was that other manufacturers have it too...
Wow how funny like if we only use Asus devices. This isn't North Korea okay..
Tell me which manufacturer has it?? Does Oneplus have that? Does Samsung do that? Does Vivo have it? Or Does Huawei??
It must be some amateur local Taiwanese manufacturer whose developers are always high on something.

Please get it fixed soon
Worst issue with no fix from Asus

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@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS , Why this issue still opened? I got a update recently but the issue still not yet resolved. Please try to fix this bug first before doing any tweeks or fixes.
Suggestion: If I press the power button while on call the display should goes off until I press the power button again.
This is just the simple scenario, Im wondering how long it will take to implement it. I'm too much frustration because of you guys and its irritated every day, since dialer is the only app everyone will use it in their daily lyf, that too had a silly annoying bug. Brilliant Asus Team. This is not a flagship mobile, still underrated only. Thank you for everything.