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Asus Calling Screen [Annoy Screen]

Rising Star II
This app is has more bugs than features. Bugs:
- Heads-up notification doesn't work(even if I enable it)
- Calling screen won't let me to go back to any other app while the phone is ringing.
- Display turns on automatically while on call even if I press power button to turn it off (option to turn off the proximity sensor doesn't work). To make it worse, the proximity sensor on this phone is not in the center.

Star III
I think that the proximity sensor issue is more of a hardware issue. Most of the people are right-handed and keep the phone in the right hand near the right ear. And the sensor itself is located to the right of the speaker mesh. Thus the actual position of the sensor is too far from the point where it fits the ear tight. The sensor only "sees" bottom-back part of an ear and frequently looses it from the sight. As a result the screen turns on during the call.
If I keep the phone in my left hand near my left ear I have zero false screen wake ups because the sensor fits the ear tight.
As a workaround (the real fix is impossible in my opinion because you cannot physically move the sensor) in further updates Asus should provide the following options for the proximity sensor:
Standard mode - the sensor and the power button works just like in the current firmware.
Power button override mode. If the power button is pressed then the screen won't turn on until the button is pressed again or a call is ended no matter what data the sensor sends.
First actuation mode. The screen turns off as soon as the sensor "sees" something nearby for the first time and never turns back on until the power button is pressed or a call is ended.
It would be great if I am mistaken and the sensor can be adjusted with a software patch.

Rising Star II
I disagree. The tests I did show that sometimes the screen turns on without the ear sensor being separated. I also did tests in which separating it to a limit, the screen remained off without any problem. If the problem were hardware or the position of the sensor, it would always obtain the same results when performing the same tests and under the same conditions, however it is not so, and under the same circumstances, the tests obtain different results. Sometimes with the sensor fully attached to the ear, the screen turns on intermittently, and on other occasions it does not occur. I repeat, when it works correctly it is proof that the hardware does not present problems. Can there be interactions with other sensors? With the fingerprint sensor for example?

Community Legend II
So far we observe one clear thing;

If you turn off proximity sensor in the call screen settings , it will;

Not turn off screen if you cover the proximity sensor during a call (try putting a thumb over it, screen stays on).
If you tthen press power key to turn it off - it will be Off.
However , if you move the phone or move your thumb over and off the sensor , it will turn the screen on.

This specific case has been raised internally, so that if you turn proximity off in the Call Screen settings, it should generally remain off.

As for all other cases, proximity inconsistencies, we'll feedback and hopefully devs can improve that.

Rising Star II
I think its the screen protectors which are interfering with the procimity sensor...msy be..not sure.... Byt while setting up the fone, a warning saying that screen protector inteferes with the sensor did come up...

Rising Star II
I have no screen protector installed, and the case is the original.