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.121 update

Rising Star I
Did anyone recieve .121 update which was recently released?
I have not yet received it . Please help .
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Zen Master I
I can also able to see the android text when in recent apps window. When i open again it disappears. I think it's the fault of application or bug.

Zen Master III
Suddenly it works again for me and Android text is visible. Interesting.

Zen Master I
So it's the fault of app?@_jis_

Zen Master I
I doubt that. On previous build it was working unconditionally.

Star III
@ColorSage @Monark @_jis_
I'm on the 119 build and I installed the display tester app, and the wide color gamut test fails , but it works as expected when in recent apps.
So I used this site instead to test :
I am able to see the WebKit logo in the second red image which confirms that the display is working correctly and the display tester app is probably buggy. Can you confirm the same for the 121 build?
Just noticed that the app clearly mentions that the WCG test is supported upto android 8/oreo. Maybe that is why the test is buggy on android 10