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Always On Display (AOD) for Zenfone 6?

Hi all!I don't know if this has been discussed already, but could it be possible to include the AOD (always on display) function in the further updates?I know that the Zenfone 6 is equipped with an IPS screen (that was one of the reasons why I chose ...

CbIP by Star III
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Camera black screen

Hello communityMy phone's camera suddenly has this black screen, all the camera options show up but the camera isn't displaying anything but just the black screen, has anybody had this problem in the past, if so then how do I fix it , Please kindly h...


.121 update

Did anyone recieve .121 update which was recently released? I have not yet received it . Please help .

Revanth by Rising Star I
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[Bug Report] Low Memory Killer/RAM Management issue in .119 update

My phone has been facing debilitating RAM management issues after the latest Android 10 update (QP1A.190711.005 17.1810.2001.119-0). Inspecting the logs seem to indicate that it is primarily a RAM management issue. I have not ascertained the circumst...

Lambaste by Rising Star I
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Slow unresponsive and sluggish Zenfone 6 after Android 10

Hi everyone,I enjoyed my Zenfone 6 (US version) until it was running Android 9. And then it got updated to Android 10 a couple of months ago and started acting strange. I already factory resetted it to 2 times now with no improvements. I think there ...


Strange noise on recorded videos

Good morning, in every video shot with Zenfone 6 (latest update WW-17.1810.1911.110) , it is present a strange noise (like tapping on the microphone). I'm attaching a small video which shows the problem (Zenfone was steady during this recording). Sin...

Data switch in notification tray

I do not have the quick data switch toggle button my notification tray and also when i tap on edit i do not see it anywhere..

Phone audiowizard not working

Audiowizard not working. When i try to changed it during palying a music ( with earphone mode only) after new update.. kindly resolve it

Disney Plus

Is the Zenfone 6 compatible with Disney+ app..?