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Blur in main camera sensor i can take very close shots not normal shots

Does anybody knows how tovfix this the wide angle is working fine but this is still blur i can take close up shot's though.

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Could you tell us your ZenFone model and firmware version?

Please try clearing the storage of the camera.

Does this problem also appear on other third party apps?

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M facing slow autofocus in snapchat observed only during night shots and camera takes almost 15 sec to autofocus and tap to focus does not work when it is midnight darkness so image seems blur for seconds until the camera autofocuses this is observed after latest .70 update there is no any problem in other third party apps until now 😔 @Y_ASUS for zenfone 5Z

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The focus engine is stuck, only service centre will help.
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I have same problem and i tryed that clearing camera storege issues but its not changed.The problem started after last update..
Zenfone Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL
Softwarre info : WW_16.0615.2002.120

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I did clearing camera cache and data. but still problem exists. Asus Should release update quickly. I badly need the camera for my work but since the update last month, its been a problem. Are doing this on purpose so that we can buy a new phone from you? Well i dont think im going to buy new phones again from you Asus.

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A new update with a build number ....2004.126 still didnt fix the issue.