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Wide angle not focus

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: of Occurrence: 0Rooted: NoAPP Name: Using wide angle camera pictures are not correctly focused: the opration is normal but the result is really poor


Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 16.0610.1812.58Frequency of Occurrence: NoRooted: NoAPP Name: Last edited by paonessa.vi on 2019/1/6 06:08 Hi I do not appear in wifi the WPS option in Zenfone 5 android pie

Zenfone 5 android 9 bugs

the errors I encountered after the update of android 9; 1) Camera cannot write photos taken in sdcar 2) The battery charge protection is not activated for hours (as a suggestion, it may be better to remove the time limit and allow the battery limit o...

proxtg by Star I
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Audio Output

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: V16.0610.1812.58Frequency of Occurrence: 1Rooted: NoAPP Name: Screenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201901/06/091127yya4uc6njmk04an0.jpgPlease help asap.. When trying to play video ...

Screen bug_Android 9

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 16.0610.1812.58Frequency of Occurrence: UnknownRooted: NoAPP Name: Hi, i had downloaded Android 9 from asus website and installed it and there is a bug in to blur when you open a folder (screenshot #1) or sw...

Asus zenfone 5 camera interface

First time Asus user. Some very basic user settings are missing... Front camera no beauty mode off function.. I have to close it everytime I launch the front camera. Front camera over exposed.. Need to have some default settings for - exposure. Mak...

wifi and bluetooth names

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 16.0610.1812.58Frequency of Occurrence: ???Rooted: NoAPP Name: Version V16.0610.1812.58 no wifi and bluetooth names. Everything is white

lukter by Star I
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Android pie can't open 60 FPS

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: Android pieFrequency of Occurrence: Not Open 60fpsRooted: NoAPP Name: Game ROVScreenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201901/04/183849h2tca5t3eswtjtet.jpgI'm upgrade my phone to andro...

adienut by Star I
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Issue msg notification

Hi ALL, please im facing a issue with app notification when my cellphone screen is blocked. I have an Zenphone 5 selfie, Android 7.1.1. I didnt change the original configuration, I dont use the economic battery modelo and all app notifications are on...