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Model: ZC600KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: WW_ASUS_X017DA_14.0400.1901.062Frequency of Occurrence: 2.2Rooted: NoAPP Name: Last edited by lazarocassemiro on 2019/4/23 18:04 E pro SD630 NADA!!!! :@ :@


Model: RAM: Firmware/APP Version: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: APP Name: Screenshot: E nada pro Zenfone 5 selfie PRO

Black navigation bar

I have an issue after my update, my nav bar is now have black wallpaper instead of seamlessly have the same wallpaper as my apps. How can I resolve this?

Zenimoji ga bisa dibuka

Screenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201904/23/125345t3ouu4v025p47r4e.jpgAPP Name: ZenimojiRooted: NoFrequency of Occurrence: IndonesiaFirmware/APP Version: PPR1.180610.009.WW_Phone-16.0615.1903.92-0RAM: 4GModel: ZE620KLKen...


Model: ZE620KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: PPR1.180610.009.WW_user_90.11.162.50_20190326Frequency of Occurrence: NaRooted: YesAPP Name: Screenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201904/22/013613vcir33knn3kn432a.jpegI encounter s...

sound quality decreases

I have a zenfone 5 lite and I have an issue during calls. For many times the sound quality decreases dramaticly and sudendly it comes back. I've tried disconect the wifi, 4g conection, mobile data, nothing works. Im very disapointed.

Data doesn't work on lock screen/sleep.

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: Android 9Frequency of Occurrence: ConstantRooted: NoAPP Name: The phone itselfHi. My data doesn't work when my phone is locked/sleeping. I don't get any messages from online apps. I didn't have this problem ...

Nfc stop working

The latest 3 updates my zen5 works very well with my nfc. Since the 2 updates it stops working. Ive tried bring it to asus care and the have fixed it. They said the software problem {no nfc part changes} Then the previous updates make it stop AGAIN. ...