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Zenphone 10 auto dimming issue

Star I


I have been using my Zenphone 10 for about a week now, and so far I love it. But I'm having a pretty consistent issue with the screen that, while not major, is definitely something I'd like to fix. With adaptive brightness off, my screen occasionally dims a little bit and it's mostly noticable to me when I'm on a game (Monster Hunter Now if that matters) and I'm so far unable to figure out a fix(it isn' just on this game though it's during pretty much anything) I've restarted the device 2 times, set everything to auto refresh rate, as well as 120hz and 90hz, and none of these have helped me stop it so it stays exactly at a specific brightness. Is there any known fix or solution to my issue? Google did not come with any so far as I've been looking.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Star III

Could it be one of the following settings:

Eye protection mode

Extra dim

Night light

I did double check those but none of them are on. When I first got the phone I did turn on extra dim just to see, but I turned it off after and it's been off the whole time.