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Zenfone 10 screen stays active when holding phone to ear when making a call

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Hiya having a issue with my phone since new tried various things the screen stays active when making or recieving a call, tried with or with out a screen protector have restarted it numerous times. This happens both in whats app and basic phone call. Not sure if I have set somthing up wrong or proximty sensor faulty. Any help greatly appreciated.


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@SkwaraYour solution seems to work for me ASUS could not replicate problem on RMA so just returned phone so downloaded the latest firmware was build WW_33.0220.0220.52 to 33.0220.0220.75 and so far so good.

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Asus will do nothing in this case. Had same problem with ZenFone 9 and the same with Zen 10. I keep my phone close to my ear and screen is on and off numerous times during the call, sometimes my ear selecting various options including ending call. Very frustrating. Lighting sensor acting badly as well. Again, that was with Zen 9 and the same with Zen 10. Automatic brightness is not smooth and the worst in the sunny day sometimes is up to peak brightness and then dimming down while I keep my phone in the same position.  Horrible sensors.



Hey @PK1100LT,

Does the screen turn off right after making a call or after a few minutes? Moreover, can you please verify if the screen remains active even if the Proximity sensor is blocked?

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Hey Mansi 

The screen turns off at the start of the call but then becomes active while holding the phone to my ear causing it to mute mic , start dialing or trigger the drop down menu I have had it turn on hotspot, flahlight and calculator. The screen goes off when you block the proximity sensor.

I have the same problem