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Experiencing Issues with My ZenFone 10 - Need Help!

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Hey everyone,

I recently purchased a ZenFone 10, and while it's been a great phone overall, I've encountered a couple of issues that I can't seem to resolve on my own. I was hoping someone here might be able to help. Here are the problems I'm facing:

How can I check if there are any software updates available for my ZenFone 10? I want to make sure I have the latest features and security patches.Our payment portal ensures a smooth transaction.  njmcdirect website 

The camera on the ZenFone 10 is supposed to be impressive, but I'm not getting the picture quality I expected. Are there any tips or settings I should be aware of to improve photo and video quality?


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You can check for updates in settings - system - update system - check updates.

Camera quality is not as good as most would like, i hope it can be improved via SW.



Thank you for your reply. Its help me a lot to solve my problem.

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I changed from a 5 year old phone. Specifation on Zenfone is better on paper but in reality. When i've online videocall people says that sound is bad, my picture is not good in quality. The colors is not good, yesterday there was a lot of green in the picture. I got green hair.

I can't get phone calls to work in my car. With or without Android Auto, never experienced that issues before with other phones. I hope there will come software updates soon that will solve the problems. 

The phone was supposed to be a great phone. It's faster then my 5 year old OnePlus 6, but my 5 years old phone works better in audio, camera and Connectivity.