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ZenFone 10 amd PWM

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Hello guys, 

Is anybody can advise about PWM on the phone. I found some information on internet about measurements , but I want to hear from  somebody who  is PWM sensitive and can use the phone without any symptoms?  

Please share your experience. I'm looking for a new phone, my Asus ZenFone 6  with IPS screen died recently, but I'm PWM sensitive and had bad experience with OLED screens.


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the zenfone 8 and 9 share the same 480hz pwm flicker frequency, which is fine for most people. the zenfone 10, for some reason, drops that down to 240hz, which you may find tiring.

the backlight pulsation coefficient is another metric that is often overlooked when talking about eye strain and pwm flickering. the zenfone 10 somehow manages to keep it low at <10% at full brightness, around 30% at 50% brightness, and again under 10% at low brightness.

overall, unless you are REALLY sensitive to pwm flicker, you shouldn't find either the 9 or the 10 to strain your eyes too much. cheers

Thanks for sharing the information.  I knew about downgrade in the flicker frequency to Zenfone 10.

I saw the same video

I'm kind of in the middle of sensitivity.  But I just sent back Pixel 8 Pro, which gives me hard time to my eyes

Sad part, I can't try the phone without buying

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you may want to check out huawei or honor devices, those guys take the matter seriously with high pwm frequency (1440hz+) and low pulsation coefficients.

don't you have any local hardware stores in your area?

So far I know major retailers doesn't have  it at display the US. I can buy it only online