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Reinstalling the existing operating system/OS recovery software

Star II

Hello 🙂

I bought the zenfone 10 about a week ago.

Unfortunately, about two days ago the device just turned off by itself in my pocket for no reason.
I was only able to turn it on after holding down the power button for 15 seconds.
Bad start

Since I did a number of version updates (it has the most recent version installed-ww_33.0220.0220.75) I assumed that maybe something was broken in the process.

Unfortunately, the latest and most recent version is not found on the Asus website (it is not possible to downgrade a version) and there is also no tool like other companies have that allows reinstallation of the operating system.

The only solution I found is to reboot the device and reset and that is quite disappointing.

I wanted to know what solutions exist. It doesn't make sense to me to run to a service station and the lab for something that can be solved by reinstalling the software.

Anyone have an idea?


Star II

There's someone here ?

Rising Star I

That's weird. I'm a ZF8 owner not ZF10... in practice, you could downgrade using a FULL update (these include all files and flash_all.cmd). Can't speak to ZF10 but if you see those files in any of the firmware available, you should be able to completely factory restore to that version. Of course, you'll lose all your apps and data in the process.

On the Asus website, it says that it is not possible to update to a lower version than the one i have on the device.

What I did is, I downloaded the version from the Asus website, where it says drivers and tools, I transferred the file to the device  via computer (to the device's internal storage)
I didn't get any notification that there is a file to update the system version and even by searching for an update using the system menu, I didn't find anything

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I have attached a screenshot

Rising Star I

It is a whole different process that I am referring to. It a) depends upon your comfort level with adb and command-line, and b) depends if there is a FULL firmware version available for you to use. There are plenty of resources to search for help. I recommend looking at your device forum over at the XDA developers forums. They are very helpful and detailed.