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WOW. even more battery problems asus!

Star III

now others drain 41 % of battery and screen time is gone from batteri settings. this phone just gets better and better!!





Hey @Bulletdracer,
Can you please share a log?
Please follow the below steps to enable the built-in log tool (Bug reporter).

1. Open “Calculator APP”

2. Enter “.19595+=”

3. Select the Log type according to the type of issue you want to capture. “General cases” will work for most issues.

4. After your selection the log tool will exit so you can duplicate the issue or wait for it to happen. Try to use the screen recorder to show your issue when possible. If you can't screen record your issue, then please take a screenshot right after the issue has occurred (as a timestamp) so we know where to look in the log.

5. Navigate back to the log tool via calculator and Tap "FINISH AND SHARE".

6. It takes several minutes for the log to generate. You can exit and do other stuff in the meantime. A silent notification will tell you once the process is done. Tap the notification and then the share button to upload the file to Google Drive and share the link with a moderator. Just make sure to change the permission first so that everyone with the link has permission to view it.

Note: When you're no longer planning on logging your device, enter “.09595+=” in the calculator and the log tool will stop as well as deleting all stored log files. Make sure to share via calculator. The files found in internal storage -> asus_log are not the correct files (they are only 1.2kb)

i started log now. 

But why did you turned off screen time from battery stats? it was very good to see me screen time eacg charge. now i dont know. other android phones have it

Hey @Bulletdracer,
To provide more accurate information about the battery usage of each application, the recent update (33.0220.0220.89) has included screen usage time information in the battery consumption of each application, and it is no longer calculated separately.

thats was not really so smart.

How do we see screen time for every app? and do i have to sit with a calculator and go thru every app to see my screen time?