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Where is the unlock tool!?

Rising Star II

Ok we are now on 2024! We need unlock tool and dont forget older zenfones like 6,7,8...


Star II

I need the unlock tool so I can fix my rog 5 they messed up with Android 13 update my phone was working fine before I updated it not I have to unlock and root it witch I don't want to but I have no choice because they removed the software from the website and they can't help me so I got to help my self no air triggers no cooler or anything works after the update.. I'll be returning bk to Nubia red magic after this my 3rd rog phone and I will not be supporting Asus rog anymore after this this just straight dumb no support removed the only help off the website now just a broken phone because of them




Just erase (factory reset) everything, android 13 on asus phones arent that different than 11 or 12.

I've tried everything I can including that no luck