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Lost return

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Regarding serial number: R6NVKD003663238. 

Very long story but cut short, my rog ally was returned on 21st November 2023  due to a defective sd card reader, in the process the product has been lost by the courier DPD that asus used. I have every bit of proof that the device was recieved by dpd with tracking and call logs with dpd saying they have taken liability and sent a claim request to asus after investigation concluded it was lost, dpd have also told me that they sent the information informing asus this. Asus are asking me consistently that I provide a collection email from dpd. I do no recieve this collection email as: 

1. I'm not the customer who ordered the courier service 

2. The collection was down as a swap it, so i recieved a delivered notification only through dpd's app. 


I have the app with tracking and emails and call audio recordings of dpd saying they recieved the product and lost it. I have sent all this information to asus but they keep asking for a "collection email" I can never give them. This needs to be fixed, I'm in the process of getting legal advice to proceed with getting what is owed to me. But seriously can you sort this out please. I do not recommend anyone buy you're products if this is the customer service you give 






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