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Always-on display brightness too low

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software info in screenshot

I recently switched to the Zenfone 10 from the LG G8, which had a fantastic AOD.

The Zenfone AOD is too dim when triggered in a dimly lit room. I've noticed that if i hold the phone near a light when the screen is on, then turn it off, the AOD will be appropriately bright. Though, it will darken when moved away from the light. If i move it back to the light, it will not brighten again. This happens whether or not dynamic brightness is on. It seems like the base brightness should just be higher altogether.

I've also noticed that the AOD does not turn off when the phone is turned over. 

This is probably a long shot, but can we consider adding quick controls for common utilities like flashlight and Bluetooth to the AOD as well as information about media currently playing? This feature was well-loved.



Hey @lynnstacks,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the R&D department.