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A different lockscreen exists on the Zenfone 10?

Star III


I am using the "Wake screen on notification" option. I recently observed, that the lock screen that is visible, when the screen wakes for the notification is different than the regular lock screen. I base this on the fact, that this "waking" lock screen has a "currently playing on Spotify" feature: when I'm playing Spotify, I can see the currently playing song on that screen as a neat white text. When I display the regular lock screen, it's not there.

My question is: what is this screen? What other features it has, that are missing from the regular lock screen? Can I have those features on my regular lock screen?

I would love to have that currently playing song info on the AOD, but I assume it would first require fixing the AOD refreshing problem.

Don't get me wrong. This thread is not about any issue. I'm just curious about what is going on here, as it seems a little weird.



Hey @Skwara,
Can you please share pictures of the lock screen in both scenarios?

@Mansi_ASUS  Below you can find the pictures. The first one is a standard lock screen issued by pressing the power button. The second one is a lock screen that shows after receiving a notification. Notice the currently playing song information.

Standard lock screen.jpgWake for notification lock screen.jpg

I know exactly what you're talking about! I've seen the same screen on my ZenFone as well. And as a past pixel user I recognized it immediately. It's the stock android AOD.

My guess is that Asus is bypassing this screen with it's own custom AOD layout. But they didn't cover all the ways AOD is activated and so this slips through. Which makes me a little mad. Because the stock AOD is far more feature rich in my opinion. And the best of which is the now playing feature. Which I have absolutely been missing since I switched to Zenphone. 

Hope that helps. And maybe by some miracle we can get Asus to allow us to pick the stock android AOD at some point down the road. 🤞

What you're saying is very interesting. I also switched to the ZenFone 10 from a Pixel, but it was Pixel 5 with Android 11, so I guess I didn't have a chance to see this screen as a default Android AOD. I remember the Pixel 5 AOD as similar, but not exactly the same. The song title was centered, not aligned to the left like in this case.

If what you say is true, I would also be angry, as I also find the Asus AOD as very limited, and first of all - faulty, because it only refreshes itself every minute. Extremely irritating as I cannot trust it completely when I look at it. That is also the reason why I enabled "Wake on notification" - to force the refresh. I prefer simply checking my notifications via the AOD, but if it doesn't show up unless a full minute passes, this use case is lost 😞

Regardless of the above, I would be very happy if I could use a default AOD because the Asus AOD is the only problem I have with the phone. The font is hard to read, no extra information is presented (Spotify, Calendar) and that issue I described above with the refresh...

Asus - be kind, give us the option 🙂