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Zenbook Ux482 Cursor Lag : can other users check post their results?

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HTML/JavaScript mouse input performance tests (
this is the website, just move your cursor in the given box and type the result in the comments
My results: 60 mouse events in 1000ms
average small delta=16.6

i want to see if i have a driver problem, or the noticeable cursor lag is present on all notebooks, its like i move the mouse and then the cursor arrives
thanks in advance


Rising Star II
This is tied to your screen refresh rate. See my other comment.
I think your issue might be that you have something system heavy running in the background. Have you tried testing this in safe mode?
Also please check from what I had asked before: Do you have a changing background image and/or windows accent colour picker enabled? That has been a known bug with Windows Explorer since it was released.

Rising Star II
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