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ZenBook UX425UAZ_UM425UAZ restarts when charing with USB-C.

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Hi everyone,

I have found some strange behaviour of my recently bought Asus ZenBook, ZenBook UX425UAZ_UM425UAZ . It's restarts when charing with USB-C, not always, but frecuently the more stress the more often, though also without any usage it does restarts frecuently. It's enoying, BUT it only happens when charging, in battery mode this failure is not occuring. Has any one some ideas?  A full new instalation was already done, but didn't solve the problem, unfortunately. I want to send it for guarantee, but prefer a driver solution when existing.

Thanks, Ben



Hello, BenEnTenerife and thank you for reaching out.

For a better understanding of your problem, please first refer to [Notebook/Desktop/AIO] Troubleshooting - How to fix the auto Shutdown/Restart problem and follow the steps for troubleshooting the problem.

If there is an inoperable part of the process, please let me know which step it is, and also please provide the BIOS version, the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default), and the OS version.

Thank you.

Dear Jiaszzz_ASUS,

yeah, I did all this (and keep on doing this), I've even reset the PC, but it didn't solve the problem. I could isolate the problem, as it happens ONLY WHEN CHARGING through the USB-C charging port. In battery mode, the are no automated restart problems. The same USB-C port funtions normally with my NUMpad. Charging seems to function normally. When the PC is off also.

Bios was updated to version 305 the 21st of december 2022.

Thank you for your intentional help.


Hello, BenEnTenerife.

Please be patient, as the response time might currently be delayed due to the Lunar New Year holiday.

May I ask if the "restarts when charging with USB-C" you mentioned still can't be changed after cross-testing other adapters or sockets? Does it happen when you acquire it or after you make any software or hardware modifications (such as updates)?

After updating the BIOS, please check whether all drivers are also updated to the latest version and perform system diagnosis through MyASUS.

Thank you.

Dear Jiaszzz_ASUS,

thank you for your repsonse, have good holidays, I'll be patient.

I tried a charging block with lower Amperes, a Phone Charger, but the problem also occured than, straight away 3 restarts. The problem started to present itself a bit before the 19th of december of 2022. (I did a reinstalation of Windows on this stage, but the problem, even during the update occured). The PC is my posesions since April 2022, I bought it new and had no problem with the charging by USB-C (I had a problem earlier, with the batery safe mode, ,which shutted down the WiFi and Bluetooth funtionality in baterry mode, but this got solved by Microsoft). Since May 2022,  the PC worked without problems, till the beginning of december where the restarts got more frecuent. Since I've found out that the restart are only taking place when connected to electric network (charging or not doesn't matter), I'm working with the PC problemless in battery mode. But of course I need to charge sometimes and sometimes this is needed when I'm using the PC.

I have tried other sockets too, but also there the problem occured.

The problems occurs using one the both USB-C slots available, it doesn't matter which one I use, automatic restarts are happening.

I'll update as fast and as much as I can, to always up to date. All last updates from Windows 11 are installed, as the security patches too. And MyAsus updates automatically too.

The last installation of the BIOS was installed through MyAsus, all drivers are up to dates, says MyAsus.

Thank you again for trying to help me.