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Zenbook UX3402ZA Black screen

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Hi all,

My Zenbook  14 OLED (bought last November) is turning on but there are no keyboard lights and the screen is black, I've tried a hard reset several times but with no luck.  The laptop itself is turning on, I've attached an external display and this also doesn't work. I tried connecting an external keyboard and it appears there is no power to the USB 3 port as no lights came on.

If the laptop is powered off I cannot turn it on again unless I perform a hard reset, the lights comes on then blinks and goes off.

Does anyone have alternative ways to fix this or is this a return/repair job?

Thanks in advance.


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If this is an issue with the BIOS is there anyway to recover it given the laptop screen does not switch on, the keyboard doesn't seem to work (including external keyboards), an external monitor gives 'No Signal'.  I've tried

  • downloading the BIOS
  • renaming it to .bin
  • putting it into the usb slot (the light on the usb flashes)
  • performing a hard reset and then holding CTRL R

The usb flashes then the laptop goes off, then comes back on and the usb flashes and then nothing.  The laptop stays on (i can hear the fan turning) but there is nothing to indicate what the issue is, are there any other key combinations that would help restore the BIOS (assuming that is the issue)?

I raised a technical support ticket yesterday but have yet to hear back.

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Technical support asked me to RMA the laptop

Hello,  bobsonian .

Certainly, please feel free to PM me or comment again if you continue to experience difficulties or have any other concerns.

Thank you.

Hi there, I have the exact same model as OP and now the exact same issue. Please could you reach out? Thanks.

Hi @Jp_ffc ,
May I ask if this happens after any software or hardware changes?

After pressing the power button and there is no response on the screen, the power light will be on or off?
If it is off, please refer to Solution #1, and if it is on, please refer to Solution #2 at the following link.

Please feel free to comment again if you continue to experience difficulties .

Thank you.