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Zenbook UX325EA weird thottle coming back to and from AC mode

Rising Star I
System: Windows 10 Home
Battery or AC: both
Model: UX325EA
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
When i start my laptop the CPU is 90% of the time at a nice high speed on OC and super stable, whether it's on AC or also on battery - in high performance mode, and "performance" from the Asus app, great!! for instance i get 4.05 - 4.35 - 4.50 ghz.
BUT when i unplug AC then it drops down noticeably. Even if i am on battery FIRST stable on 4.3ghz then I plug in the AC then it drops. it seems when there is a "change" in power source, there is a drop or something triggers.
Why does this happen?
During these times, laptop wasn't under pressure or load or anything at that time, so is really cold and cool, no temperature increase (which i know affects the tiny zenbook), so why does the clock drops so much when you change the power source? either on battery TO AC or AC to battery? simply by unplugging or plugging it? all intel power savings are switched off.
is that because the machine thinks that during AC operation it might overheat? then if i restart it goes again to high frequency. or just cycling on and off hibernate 2-3 times, which is what i do most often, sometimes it even takes 4 cycles of hibernation, which are fast anyway since it's a very fast laptop. Still is it possible to avoid this?

Rising Star I
sorry cannot do it right now thats my work computer, i have a suspect that it's the problem.
i want to have these power modes, can you do the other way around and try the mod and see if it behaves the same way ?

if you have a test device is easier you do that rather than me doing the reset on the machine, then you can revert back with the other command provided.
is that possible?
thank you

Community Legend II
Hello Gabrio,
Since you have done quite some adjusting on the system since you own it, it is very hard to reproduce the same scenario and find out the correct root cause.
So please reset your device, and let's go through your setting one by one and see if we have the same result.
Thank you.

Rising Star I
thanks Blake but that's not gonna happen, a side for this thing the machine is perfect and runs like clockwork.
If we do it, so the other way around is much simpler, so if you do that on your test machine, rather than me re-doing the whole machine which will take me days, with adjustments and stuff.
otherwise if not possible from your end, peace and will keep on doing cycles of hibernation 😉