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Zenbook Pro bios only boots legacy. No UEFI.

Star I

Model - UX535LI.

Bios version  - UX535LI.315

Serial - M4N0CX0********

Frequency of occurrence - Always

The laptop is in UEFI mode, but booting to bios goes  to legacy. There is no UEFI.  I have tried  holding DEL/F2 when powering on, recovery advanced startup then select UEFI. I have factory reset, reinstalled Windows to no avail. 

The llaptop gets uncomfortably hot at random times. There is no sense to it. Ican use a lot of resources and the temp is normal, but other times I will barely use it and it gets so hot it makes me sweat. The fans kick on high and just run until I power down. There is circulation, no dust, and a few light programs, some apps from the Microsoft store installed.



Please try pressing the F9 key on your keyboard after entering the BIOS to restore the default BIOS settings, format the SSD, and then proceed with reinstalling the system for confirmation. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.