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Zenbook OLED UX3405 turn off USB when lid is closed (sleep mode)

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Hello again,
as I am using external USB card with the laptop most of the time and when I close the lid and laptop switches to the sleep mode, the USB is still powered - external sound card is up and powered up.

Windows settings for the plan:
- unable to disable USB in Sleep, option not there


My Asus app
- no way to set the USB sleep mode

BIOS (recent 305)
- no way to set USB state at all.

Possible fix in upcoming BIOS update?




To avoid any misunderstanding, may I confirm with you again?
So your issue is that you think there should be an option to disable USB in Sleep mode, correct?
Please also provide the current system version (operating system build numbers) and MyASUS version you are using so I can report this to the technical team for confirmation. 
Thank you.

Yes, the issue is, that USB port power state cannot be selected when computer is in sleep mode - lid is closed.

1. Vydanie Windows 11 Pro
Verzia 23H2
Dátum inštalácie ‎1. ‎5. ‎2024
Zostava operačného systému 22631.3593
Rozhranie Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22700.1003.0

MyAsus App


Thanks for checking

After confirmation, it has been verified that the laptop does not provide an option to turn off USB power, so this is considered a normal phenomenon. Thank you.

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@Falcon_ASUSIs what?
Since I remember, there always has been an option to change USB power schemes and now you're telling me it´s normal? I´m repairing laptops for more than 15 years, don´t tell me this bull****.  It´s a bug that should be addressed by your team, so come on and fix it.
I´m with Asus for so many years because from my experience I repair these laptops in a very rare cases. Don´t get another HP or Lenovo guys.