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Zenbook Flip 15 - ASUS AiSense Camera Problem

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Hello, I've had an issue for a long time now, months, and can't really say when it started. I have some time, so I am trying to figure it out. I believe this started happening after MyASUS showed an Arcsoft AI Camera Extension Driver update. My Zenbook is a up6502zd. 

When I launch any app that uses the laptop's camera it works OK, as long as I don't use any of the AiSense settings for the camera in MyASUS. If I select any of the AiSense camera options (Lighting Optimization, Background Blurring, Gaze Correction, or Motion Tracking) my camera view immediately goes completely green. If I set it back to Off, the camera image comes back as normal.

I have uninstalled the camera (both visible and IR cameras) drivers and installed fresh. I tried going back to an older version of the Arcsoft AI Camera extensions driver from the ASUS Support page for my laptop, but it didn't change anything. Additionally, whatever Arcsoft AI installs for the camera driver isn't something that shows up as an installed program, so I cannot uninstall and start fresh.

Any advice on how to get the AiSense camera options working is appreciated, I'm particularly interested in the Lighting Optimization.




May I ask whether the BIOS version, system version, and MyASUS version you are using have been updated to the latest? If they have been updated to the latest, what are the versions?
Have you tried removing MyASUS and reinstalling it to verify?
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I have sent you a message. Please provide the following path file and upload the file to the cloud storage.
C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ASUS System Control Interface\log

Also, please provide the screenshots of ASUS AiSense Camera configuration and the error for me.
I will consult the technical team for further confirmation.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Hi @Falcon_ASUS ,

Here's the info you're asking about, I believe its all up to date:

  • BIOS Version: UP6502ZD.307
  • Windows Version: Windows 11 Home 64-bit 10.0.22621
  • System Control Interface Version:
  • MyASUS version:

I haven't tried removing MyASUS and reinstalling, I can try that. It seems like there's a System Control Interface + the MyASUS app that would need to be removed, is that true?

I'll reply to the rest in the message you sent me.

Thank you!

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Community Manager
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