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Zenbook 14 OLED UX3402VA Battery Drain Issue

Star I

I've purchased a ZenBook 14 OLED 2023 (with i5 1340P).

The model number is UX3402VA.

Initially it was giving me up to 9 hours of backup in light usage (5-6 chrome tabs, Spotify) at 30-40% brightness. But after I updated it to the latest BIOS firmware (version 302) and Windows update (version KB5026372), battery backup has become almost half. Now it won't last more than 5 hours on full charge, which is a shame considering my friend's last gen Vivo Book S14 is giving same backup with a H series processor, with similar usage. Another friend of mine who has the ZenBook Flip (same specs), has no issues with his unit. That one is giving 8-9 hours backup.

Please fix the issues and update the software so that I can get back my expected battery life, otherwise what's the use of buying ZenBook with P series processor if it won't last longer than a Vivo Book with H series processor.



Rising Star I

Here are some quick fixes:

1. Lower your brightness level to save battery.

2. Close background apps to minimize the utilization.

3. Check your system settings.

4. Check if there is any virus infection.


Do you happen to remember the previous BIOS version you were using?
Regarding battery usage, are you saying that you were previously able to operate for 9 hours continuously?
Or was it just an estimated usage time provided by the system at that time?
If possible, please assist us by providing screenshots of the current battery usage and the system update list for us to review.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

The factory BIOS version was 205. Once I updated it to version 302 along with Windows update (KB5026372), backup reduced from 8-9 hours to 5 hours. I am referring to Screen on time, with negligible sleep in between.

The system estimation and battery report always show more than what I normally get. Even now it shows 7-7.5 hours, but in reality, I get around 5 hours SOT.

Windows has pushed a new update, and I've installed it, hope it fixes the issue.


If possible, we recommend using MyASUS for battery diagnostics.
Additionally, please provide a screenshot of the current battery usage and operating system build number you are currently using.
Thank you.