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ZenBook 13 UX325 FN keys not working after sleep - ANYONE?

Rising Star I
System: ZenBook 13 UX325
Battery or AC: both
Model: UX325 / BIOS 308
Frequency of occurrence: ALWAYS
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:FN keys do not work when resuming from sleep, this is ALWAYS, every single time.
This happens every single time – while working or even just doing nothing, put pc to sleep,
when resumes the FN keys are NEVER WORKING back, you need to restart and then you get the
functionality back. This is extremely annoying as sometimes light changes and you might want to dim down etc, lower volume and the keys are very handy, sure you can use other menus in Windows10 but that’s not the point.
tested all Intel video drivers from My Asus, and also the standard intel Iris Plus
drivers, nothing solved the issue, Also flashed latest 308 BIOS yesterday and changed the FN setting from bios to “disabled” – nothing changed.
Running now: Graphic_IGCC_DCH_Intel_Z_V27.20.100.9365Sub1_22715 and the one before this from asus downloads as well as the stock intel one >igfx_win10_100.9466.exe, same behavior, FN keys not working after sleep mode anymore.
DOES ANYBODY have the same issue? Asus wants me to send the laptop in for repairs but this is 100% drivers in my opinion.
If you uninstall the video drivers the FN keys do not work anymore obviously, and other people solved this (HP, DELL) by rolling back one release. so obvious.

please let me know

Rising Star I
to add these are my power states: i disabled S0 which i don't want.

The following sleep states are available on this system:
  Standby (S3)
  Hybrid Sleep

The following sleep states are not available on this system:
  Standby (S1)
    The system firmware does not support this standby state.

  Standby (S2)
    The system firmware does not support this standby state.

  Standby (S0 Low Power Idle)
    The system firmware does not support this standby state.

  Fast Startup
    This action is disabled in the current system policy.

Community Legend II
Hi gabrio,
Please check the version and reinstall ASUS System Control Inverface driver.
Thank you.

Rising Star I
hi Blake, thanks for your reply
I have uninstalled myasus and reinstalled:
Version V3.0.5.0 ASUS System Control Inverface driver
which is the latest from the downloads area - same thing, nothing changes, FN keys never work when you resume from sleep.
Any other fix? Support is telling me to send the laptop in for repairs, is that the only thing left? i read of another member here that had this going on, and they ended up replacing all the components (motherboard, ssd, etc etc) and then it worked.
not so happy with this - don't they check this basic function at the factory before releasing the laptops?
i'm gonna try a bunch of older Intel Graphics to see if it changes anything, other people fixed it that way.
please let me know

Rising Star I
hi again,
So i tried also the following OLD intel graphics drivers:
and the very first igfx_win10_100.8141 which is from 1 year ago as well as every single graphic install from MyAsus members area. same.
Nothing works, always the same, FN keys do not work when back from sleep.
What is the issue here? Is it drivers? so Intel related? or Motherboard? so Asus related? or Windows related?
I have this laptop not even a month and there have been many issues already - i have an older Vivobook from 3 years ago and it's solid like a rock, actually thinking to swap this fancy premium Zenbook for a Vivobook - not as fancy but everything works.
I might give a shot to the repair service, although i will be without laptop at least 1 week - which i need for work, so not ideal.
Do you have any other suggestions or things to try?