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Wipe and Reload Zenbook x14 with Windows

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I find my Zenbook x14 is lagging from time to time - especially when windows updates run or AV runs.

I want to wipe and reload with fresh copy of Windows 11 Pro. 

Will I be able to get all drivers back so everything works fine again.



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I'd suggest that you download drivers onto a separate storage device before...  USB etc. Just in case. Myasus gives some amazing executables for then.

Windows update gives no drivers at least for me on S 13.

I wasn't aware we've returned to 1998 but I guess Asus stayed back.

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Click the Power button and click Restart while pressing and holding the Shift key on your keyboard. Step 2: When the 'Choose an option' screen appears, click Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Remove everything.


Hello, @johan_rodigyn .

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the slow reply.

In general, possible causes include software or hardware issues, such as software incompatibility.
Therefore, please refer to [Notebook/Desktop/AIO] Troubleshooting - System is running slowly first to troubleshoot the lagging problem your laptop might have and check if you have missed any steps.This includes BIOS and Windows Update updates, as well as system diagnosis for hardware checks via MyASUS. 

If you have finished all the troubleshooting steps and are still lagging, please share the following information:
- the full model name (for example, UX5400ZB or UX5400ZF)
- the OS version and the BIOS version
- MyASUS and ASUS System Control Interface Driver version

Thank you.

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Community Manager
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