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Windows 11 BOD 0xc00000e9 when AMD fTPM switch/security device support enabled

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I get the BOD 0xc00000e9 when I boot my PC with AMD fTPM switch/security device support enabled.

I already tried flashing my Bios to the newest Version but it didn't work and I need help because I'm running out of Ideas to solve my Problem.


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Asus Prime B450-Plus and AMD Ryzen 5 2600x btw

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Windows* error code 0xc00000e9 is a common Windows Boot Manager* error that indicates either a hardware failure or a corrupted system file encountered during the boot process. It appears shortly after the computer starts, but before the Windows login screen, as follows: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.


Hello, @edddlewa_ and thank you for reaching out.

However, here is a forum for discussing Zenbook problems.
If you want to inquire about motherboard-related products, you are most welcome to visit our ROG forum for further discussion. Our moderator will assist you in investigating this matter.

Meanwhile, regarding your description, if you have been unable to boot, I suggest you refer to [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display for troubleshooting and try clearing the CMOS first.
If you are able to boot but cannot enter the OS, please refer to [Motherboard/Desktop] How to restore BIOS setting? to restore the BIOS settings.

Thank you.

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Community Manager
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