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UX8402ZE Thunderbolt Ports?

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System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: AC
Model: Zenbook Pro Duo 14 (UX8402ZE.307)
Bios: 307
GOP Version: 21.0.1046
EC Version: F00A2240A.310
Frequency of occurrence: Always


Windows is not detecting any Thunderbolt 3 or 4 devices as Thunderbolt. I have tried several adapters and a powered Thunderbolt dock without any luck. The cables are the proper speed/type and most of these devices I was attempting to use are actually display port adapters (attempting to use GPU for display port NOT HDMI). The ports function as USB-C ports but clearly have limitations in this mode. I have made sure everything is up to date according to Asus and Intel (though I feel like there are other chipset drivers that are probably better that I don't know about). This is from a factory windows image only a few months old.

#1 Are both USB-C ports Thunderbolt? (follow up is the Nvidia GPU linked to them or is it just Intel)

#2 How does one get Windows to recognize the Thunderbolt devices (yes I am using the Intel Thunderbolt control center and device manager)




Here are the locations of the Thunderbolt ports. 

We recommend referring to the following FAQ for reinstalling the drivers and verifying.
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO/MiniPC] Troubleshooting - USB Type-C issues

If the issue persists, it may be a system problem, and we suggest trying system restoration for further confirmation. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
[Windows 11/10] How to reset the PC

Thanks, that assumes that both ports are Thunderbolt 4 but does not answer if there is a link between the Intel or Nvidia GPU.

Next, I will gladly reinstall the drivers, but what are the exact drivers to remove and which ones to reinstall? 

Due to potential issues with the drivers detected for your USB-related devices, we suggest you refer to the FAQ for instructions on uninstalling all USB devices, then restart your laptop, and reinstall the drivers. Regarding the question about 'is the Nvidia GPU linked to them or is it just Intel,' it was confirmed that it is through Intel CPU. Thank you.

Working on removing ALL of the USB drivers and allowing for a reinstall but it seems a little more tricky because of how many there are when referring to the screenshot of ALL devices.

Interested in what engineering says about  Thunderbolt GPU routing