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USB-C/thunderbolt problem no signal to external display

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System: W10
Battery or AC: AC
Model: UX391.FA
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I have had my computer for almost 2 year. I have never had any issues with the docking station (USB C) were i have my external monitor and mouse and keypad connected. For two weeks ago the display stoped working. It lights up when i am connectint to the docking station but it gets no signal so after a couple of seconds it turns of.
I can also say that there is nothing wrong with cables or dock. The mouse, keypad and everything else works just fine...But not the display.
I have also tried to connect my other laptop (lenovo x250) and with that laptop everything including display works. So, there is nothing wrong with the equipment.

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Hi @YukonCharlie,
Try to check if there are specific drivers for your dock from the manufacturer. I had to update drivers for my dock after a windows 10 update, because my monitor stopped working...
For windows 11 (clean install) the drivers for the dock were automatically installed by the system.

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Hello Charlie,
If you connect only the monitor to the dock, and then to the computer, does it work?
Is the monitor detected and shown in device manager?
Thank you.

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No! Nothing happens...
I have tried the USB-c to hdmi adapter that was included in the package wheh i bought the computer. This adapter has always worked before but not now . When attaching that one i can see it in the USB view as a USB-C to hdmi adapter. But i dont get any signal to my display this way either.

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Hello Charlie,
So the monitor was not listed in device manager?
Which monitor are you using?
It is having completely black screen or there is a notice of "no signal"
if you adjust the resolution, does it help?
Thank you.