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Static/Whining Noise Coming From New Zenbook?

Star I
You have to turn your volume way up, but theres a staticy/grinding noise that can be  heard from normal distance, whenever Im loading or opening something, like when its working or thinking. But its an SSD I have, not a HDD.
Brand new Asus Zenbook 14x 12th gen UX5400ZB
Any ideas what that is?


Hello, pacificsurf  and thank you for reaching out.

Apart from the sound of the video, may I ask if you have any other abnormalities while using it? For example, freezing, cannot be turned on, or crashes when opening a specific application.

If you have any concern, it is recommended that you consult the retailer first because you just bought it.

Thank you.

Nothing major like that but it has been laggy a bit, and some occasional Mouse freezing jumping, taskbar turned black and disappeared then reappeared. Not often or major but just strange for a brand new laptop that should be super fast.

But yes I'm going to go ahead and return it anyways to Best Buy where I bought it from

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Community Manager
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