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Speakers pops periodically

Star I
System: Windows10 Version 20H2
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UX330UA
Frequency of occurrence: After each playing sound
Reset OS: Many times, Also delete driver an re-install it
Detailed description:
It is some days that when I change the volume on my windows or after a notification plays, or after any sound playing stopped, after about 10secs a popping sound plays on the right speaker. I update my windows to 20H2 version. But the problem remains. I also tried nearly all old solutions which existed on the net, like removing driver or realtech or changing even to the CD quality...
None of them works.
It is very annoying.
I have this issue also when shutdown or restart the windows.
I have also ubuntu OS, I have the issue on it also. But not on the AC and just on battery. and on the battery, when I disable power save mode, the issue fixed.
What should I do? Where is the problem?

Community Legend II
Hello Emad,
May we check if you have the latest BIOS version?
And can I have a audio/ video record of the issue?
Thank you.