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Screenxpert 3 issues!

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System: Windows 11 (but same issue with windows 10)
Battery or AC:
Model: UX481FA-HJ064T
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
I'm here to complain AGAIN about this "super" screenpad. I upgraded to ScreenXpert 3, which is told as "revolutionnary"... I realize again that UX481 models are left behind.
As you can see on the first picture, there's a beautiful "touchpad" icon which is impossible to add on the control center... useful
Buts there's more. On the second pic you can see it's impossible to drag a window on the Screenpad as it supposed to (I mean, you don't see the 3 typical sections of the screenpad). The options to drag it are the same as the main screen, which is stupid cause there are totally different. Plus the "viewmax" option is not an option anymore... (and my displays are well configured).
Unfortunately, the new control panel, which is a good initiative (and we can at least thank the developer team for that), only works with photoshop.

I experienced those issues with Windows 10 AND windows 11?

Seriously what's the point of my screenpad plus today, I can't say.
May I return this laptop and buy a new one if i'm still under warranty? I'm serious? I've never been as disappointed by a laptop or another High-tech device.

I hope ASUS will consider customers who bought 1500-2000$ for super double screen laptops.

(Sorry if my English isn't correct, that's not my first language.)



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I also have noticed a couple of errors in the latest Screenpad software, but not like you have described. The developers have done a great job updating the software regularly, but as more features are added/adjusted, naturally they're not all working smoothly at every release.

Have you tried reinstalling the software? In my version the "maximise over both displays" option is available next to the box for screen #2. It seems you might have some kind of configuration problem, I would recommend making sure everything is up to date in Windows Update, Microsoft Store and the MyASUS App. Also check that your BIOS is up to date, though I do not know how far they have continued to update the UX481 models since the release of the UX482 and above.

As for the touch pad option try tapping then holding for a short moment before trying to frag the icon into the menu list. I noticed that this is a bit sensitive for this version and hopefully they will get to fixing that in the next version.

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I have the same problem, at least for the "extend on both screens" option.
Normally, everything is up to date so I'm not sure what to do.
I've seen other people complain about this. that would have to change.

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turn off fast startup in bios and inside pwoer settings in windows,
asus drivers work great once you do it
there is zero noticeable booting time difference between having fast startup on and off

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Too many issues with the ScreenXpert 3 on my new duo to mention. When is the bug free version coming out?

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Too many issues with the ScreenXpert 3 on my new duo to mention. When is the bug free version coming out?


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I don't doubt there are issues but you will have to be specific if you want them fixed. Asus have been quite good about implementing feedback from these forums into updates so I would encourage you to start a new thread for each bug you are experiencing. It usually comes back as a great feature when someone points out room for improvement so your effort in sharing would help all of us!

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Having the same issue with no viewmax option, only an option to move to screen 1 or 2, with respective layouts.. no cross arrow or anything else that allows you to span a single app over both monitors. Please advise on how to fix this..?.. I just unpacked a new factory install (Win 11; 11th gen i9; 32gb; rtx3080 and accepted all the new updates as of today) It was working fine (original ScreenXpert) but has since gone away; I've tried multiple apps, options, etc.. even reboot but can't seem to bring the feature back. Being a new machine, there were multiple system updates to apply in addition to a new version of the ScreenXpert program. All I know is it was working earlier today when I installed and tested with updated versions of Unity, VS as well as Adobe Cloud products but not anymore.. As many have said, at first the 'updates' did seem to make the screenpad+ itself less responsive which, after applying all the updates to date, seems to have come back up; my issue is that the viewmax function when attempting to move an app from screen to screen no longer shows up (as shown in @selim9102's screenshot). Lacking this functionality can be a game changer since one desired work flow making use of the double monitor was the ability to increase workspace on design apps by spanning both screens.. If this is a problem, can I roll back to using the original version?