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Quality of life upgrade: Set power limit for Whisper mode in 11th gen+ CPUs

Rising Star II
System: Windows 10 or 11
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: Zenbook Duo UX482EG
Detailed description:
We should be able to set the power consumption limit of 11th gen+ CPUs using Whisper mode - limiting to 10W would result in dramatically better power life for all users regardless of their driver configuration at the expense of performance. For performance requirements the standard 28W limitation should be sufficient.
Further explanation:
As I understand the Whisper Mode controlled by MyAsus App limits CPU usage to 28W which reduces heat generation and excessive battery consumption. Many owners of this range of device are unable to reach the stated battery life estimates because of OS configuration, background apps and/or driver issues.
If it was possible to set the power limit configuration for "endurance" usage scenarios battery life estimates would be reached globally regardless of specific device or OS configurations.
I want all Asus users to have a similarly amazing battery experience as I do, so I suggest this as a MyAsus update that would be essential for ensuring consistently high UX for Zenbook owners.
Really to me it seems like a simple and very effective solution. And since it is reversible, there would be no negative performance experiences for those who require it either permanently or temporarily. This would also extend the expected battery lifetime as devices would undergo less 0-100% battery cycles, and it would also be possible in this case to get 6-7hrs usage while only charging to 80% as per the battery lifetime preservation recommendations.
If there is an issue with the feasibility of this upgrade I would like to hear an explanation.