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Power problems Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED (UP6502)

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System: Win 11 22H2
Battery or AC: Both
Model: Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED (UP6502)
Frequency of occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video: Attached
Detailed description:
Hello, By the begining of October I bought a brand new Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED (UP6502ZD). Since that time I am suffering some problems connected probably with powering the computer.
First and most important for me problem is that laptop wakes up randomly after putting it into sleep mode (closing the lid, when applicaple option chosen in Windows power menagment). when laptop wakes up, gets very hot and bettery is drained. Photo attached. I am afraid of sleeping my computer, because I do not know, if it will wake up an overheat in a bag! Baterry drain photo attached - it is not possible to discharge such battery in few minutes.
Second problem is also connected with waking up after sleep. When computer is being charged and I unplug it and after few seconds I close the lid, it is impossible to wake it up. There is only power diode pulseing and do not react for opening the lid or clicking on power button. It then also randomly react for long press. Video attached.
Last problem is with tablet mode. When I fully open the lid (transform laptop into tablet) everything goes okay and system goes into tablet mode. Problem is that after longer period in this mode - e.g. 2h, when I am watching Netflix, when I want to come back to desktop mode (transform device into laptop mode), system does NOT go back into desktop mode and stays in tablet mode. This problem does not occure when I transfrom it back after few minutes - it has to be in tablet mode for longer time.
My Bios is actual - version 307. Windows is updated. All the drivers are updated (according to MyASUS). I have contacted local (Polish) ASUS customer service, but their answer was "Reinstall the system" - Thank You, I know, that such problems will be occuring again with reinstalled system, because it does not change anything.

Hello zdun95 and thank you for reaching out.
Could you please provide the full model name of your laptop? For example, UP6502ZA or UP6502ZD.
How do you confirm the overheating problem? If you measure by software, please provide the name of the application and a screenshot of the results of the temperature measurement.
May I ask if the situation is that when the laptop enters sleep mode (instead of hibernate mode) and then removes the adapter, it cannot be woken up by tapping the keyboard or pressing the power button? Since I didn't see the video, could you please check the attachment again?
May I ask if you are unable to select or close the tablet mode via tapping or clicking the notification icon in the lower-right corner of the window? Please refer to the link for more information on switching between tablet and desktop mode.
Windows 10 - How to switch tablet and desktop mode? | Official Support | ASUS GlobalThank you.

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Hi @zdun95 ,
Quite the unfortunate issues you're encountering. I'd be pretty frustrated too!
Did you uninstall any software that came installed from the factory? If so, please list them here.
Also, if you added any drivers or tools sources anywhere except MyAsus or the Asus website for your model and OS, such as Intel drivers or software for your screen, third party pen/inking, etc. Please list those and/or simply try uninstalling all of them and checking for experience after a clean reboot.
Lastly, are you running any antivirus, anti-malware, randsomeware, etc. software? If so, please list those here.
Your problems, though seem directly related to power at first glance, may be related to any of the above - or even more. This is a great first place to look, i.e. attempting to return to as close to factory settings as possible without a factory reset. If you are comfortable with the data loss and work involved in a factory reset, that would be the fastest way to diagnose root software or HW issue for Asus to solve on your behalf.
If it works as expected after your factory reset, make one change at a time, test the experience, and repeat until you find your culprit ;-). Sometimes it's a combination of things like virus protection and say, a screen configuration suite.
Much luck and please post your results if you find the root cause to help others avoid the same problem and/or potentially have Asus update firmware or driver's to remediate.
My very best,
Hopefully helpful 😄

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