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New UX480FD randomly restarting to BIOS for no reason

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: New UX480FD randomly restarting to BIOS for no reason
Model: UX480FD
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

Four days in and 2nd major problem with this UX480FD. Keeps restarting and booting to Bios that I can only exit by powering off the machine (i.e. Exiting BIOS does not work). So the issue here is if I come back to my computer after leaving it, it's sitting there in the BIOS and totally hot and draining battery fast. Doesn't matter if I leave it for 15 minutes or 3 hours. When I come back, the computer will have rebooted and gone to BIOS. No, I have nothing in the USB inputs that it should even be booting to BIOS, let alone even restarting in the first place. I have the 305 version of BIOS. I see on the driver page for the UX480FD, 301 is the latest version, however when I try to downgrade to 301, I'm not able to as I'm told from the BIOS EZ Flash utility that it's not a proper BIOS. Disaster experience this laptop has been 4 days in. First advertised and marketed with touchscreen, which it apparently doesn't have. Now this restart to BIOS. I've since done a full reset of the machine and starting from scratch with a new Windows 10 installation. Same issue is happening so clearly some kind of hardware of driver issue.

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Hello johnny7, Please kindly tried to downgrade back to BIOS 301. May I know how did you upgrade to 305? Where did you receive the update? You may tried to revise the BIOS 301 file name to 306 to see if it works. Thank you for messaging us. Have a nice day.

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No idea how it installed BIOS 305, I assume it happened automatically via a Windows Update because I didn't manually do it from the ASUS site. 😞

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Your suggestion to revise bios file name to 306 didn't work.

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Thanks for nothing, this waste-of-time device went back after a week for a full refund. Never again with an ASUS laptop!