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MyAsus shows a fan problem on a new Zenbook UX425JA

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System: Zenbook UX425JA
Battery or AC: 65W
Model: UX425JA
Frequency of occurrence: when the hardware test scan completed
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
I have recently purchased a zenbook UX425JA and ran a myasus hardware test. The results shows an error with the fan calming there might be a problem with the computer's fan. I have not encountered any major over heating issues or something like that and it's sounds like the fan working when the system is under load.
I have saw another discussion about the same problem in a Vivobook but not in a zenbook. I asssume that's just a bug in myasus app.

Btw, I have reinstall Myasus, updated the BIOS to 302 and updated Asus control surface driver - all from the official site and not from myasus (Live updates don't work for me as well).

Please help, or just tell me that I should not worry about that.
That's a brand new machine.

Thanks !

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Hello roizhv22,
Please kindly update ASUS System Control Interface V2(Driver) V2.2.31.0
officalsiteand reboot the device then reinstall MyASUS again.
Thank you.

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This is the page for the UM model, it seems that the page for the UX does not work..

can you send a new link?


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Hello roizhv22,
They are the same
officialsiteThank you.