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Zenbook UM425IA will not wake from sleep

Star II
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: ZenBook 14 UM425IA
Frequency of occurrence: every time after a 15+ min of sleep
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video: attached below
Detailed description:When the laptop is in sleep mode, the power indicator (located on power key) flickers strangely. At the same time, it is impossible to "wake up" the laptop touching the touchpad. The touchpad won't wake up laptop. If you press any key on the keyboard, it will wake up. I am more embarrassed that the power-on indicator behaves strangely, probably it should not be so - it is flickering (not even rythmically). Follow the link for a video of how it looks:

(since I recorded this video for local Russian ASUS support, I spoke Russian in video, please apologize)
Another case is when I, for example, have left the laptop open (didn't close lid) and it went to sleep mode after idle timer, I cannot wake it up with anything - not a keyboard, not a power button - neither would wake it. You only have to long-press power button to firce shut down, then you can start it again. Very annoying. Basically, ASUS ZenBook 14 UM425IA cannot return from sleep normally. There is always a chance - it will start normally after sleep, if you're lucky today...
Here's the video about it as well:

(since I recorded this video for local Russian ASUS support, I spoke Russian in video, please apologize)
I believe there are people who have encountered similar issue before. How are you holding on? Has anyone found any workaround? The only one I see as a considerable option, it to avoid using sleep mode, and use hibernate instead. Since the laptop itself starts up very fast, you basically might not even mention a difference between hibernation and sleep modes. The only flaw though is that you won't be able to enjoy 'wake on lid open' kind of feature.

I am also waiting for a reply on my ticket I created via support.
P.S. To be honest I hope that I'll be able to return/exchange this laptop to the store, since I bought it only 2 days ago. Overall it is very nice, a new Ryzen CPU and stuff, but this power management issues are a dealbreaker for me, so to speak...