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I miss the 'Full Maximize' on Screenpad Plus

Star I

Why did we lose the feature on Screen Xpert which allowed you to quickly fill both screens with one window? I used to use it alot and I'd really like it to come back. 


Not applicable

did u check in settings? i had it removed too but found it under one of the settings in the left hovering screenxpert bar gear icon--->Window Control->App Switcher

Rising Star II

I believe ScreenXpert still has the full maximise feature when you drag windows


Hello, failsafe .

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the slow reply.

Could you please provide the full model name (for example, UX425EA or UX431FB) and the ASUS ScreenXpert version? If possible, please provide a screenshot of your question for us to better understand.

Meanwhile, It is recommended that you refer to ASUS ScreenXpert (Screenpad 2.0) - Introduction and check the full-screen mode.

Thank you.



Screenshot 2023-01-19 072205.png

I'm on a ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV_UX581GV running ScreenXpert with Driver

To make it clear I'm talking about the toggle with four arrows pointing diagonally outwards which upon dragging a window into would expand that window to full both of the screens. I used it a lot but it seems to have been cut in the latest update.