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Feature Suggestion: Fan Control for Thin Laptops

Star III

Hello all,


So i own a Zenbook Duo UX482 which is a dual screen thin laptop that is mainly for productivity uses. I use the laptop to host meetings, run presentations and do research which put together do push the laptop to become "uncomfortably hot". Now by all metrics, i know that these laptops can withstand temperatures up to 95 C, but i do not want to reach that. While doing basic work, my laptop reaches 65-78 C. While Idle, it hits 55-61 C. The temperatures do make the laptop uncomfortable to hold and work on in long sessions (which are frequent). Finally, the fans do kick in strong when the laptops heats, however i want them to run at a lower temperature. 


Now i also wanted to undervolt my laptop, but no official utilities make it possible. What i would like to see, is an option just like in gaming laptops where i can either control the fan speed or control the temperatures at which the fans kicks in.


Flip S UX363 fan control? (laptop too hot all the time)is an example of other owners of thin laptops suffering.



Thank you for your question. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the high temperature of your Zenbook Duo UX482. You can try to place your laptop on a flat surface to ensure good ventilation, and avoid using it on soft surfaces such as beds or sofas, which may block the air intake. In addition, you can try to clean the air vents to ensure smooth air flow. As for fan control or undervolting, we do not recommend customers to perform these operations, as they may cause damage to the hardware or affect the stability of the system. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. 

And regarding your suggestion, I will report to the relevant department for evaluation.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

@Falcon_ASUSThank you for your answer.


even though i do fully understand the preference asus has towards not undervolting or using fan controls, i still feel that an option should provided to those who want to test with their property.


Thank you for reporting to the relevant department. I look forward to their answer.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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