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Fans are running at full speed all the time even when laptop is idle and CPU+GPU are cold - UX501VW

Star I
Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice as my ZenBook pro UX501VW fans are running at full speed all the time even when no processes are working except of the default Windows processes. I have tried so many things - I have cleaned my my laptop and fans from the inside, did a complete new Windows installation and updated all the drivers. I don't have my computer on any kind of surface that prevents proper ventilation. Please advise on what might be causing this problem, it's very loud which I wouldn't mind so much if I was working on software that stresses the computer but this is not the case. Looking at speedfan and HWmonitor the temperatures are in their 30-40c and fans are working full speed without ever slowing down. Does anyone ever experience this and might have a solution even if this might be a hardware issue I would like to know what kind of hardware should I be looking into, if I replace the fans will that help? Maybe it's also important to mention that this laptop is relatively old, I bought it in 2016. The only maintenance I performed on it was replacing the cpu thermal paste and cleaning it from the inside. I have a feeling that there is more I needed to do, is there also some kind of thermal paste that needs replacing underneath the heatsink and on the GPU (Nvidia 960m)? Or maybe I am looking at the wrong direction and this is a software issue, i don't know.. I am not sure what to do. Thank you in advance

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